The market here in Las Vegas is just not wonderful at all. I know some other parts of the country are starting to see some signs of recovery — just not a lot in Vegas right now.

It’s because our main industry here is tourism. We’re not very diversified as far as other industries in this market. When tourism is off, and the dollars are not flowing in, whether it be the restaurant business, casino business or others, then people are not building swimming pools. With that being off, it’s going to be a little while before it recovers out here.

Still, there is some activity on the high end because some people with high incomes aren’t affected as much.

The local government is trying come up with ways to diversify the economy. The mayor is saying he’ll bring in the medical industry. And the economy hasn’t changed the climate out here — it’s still a desert climate — so pools will remain very attractive. People are able to pick up houses relatively cheaply now because of the foreclosure market, and we think people are looking at houses more. From that standpoint, I’m a little encouraged.