When installing a lift onto a deck measuring less than 4 inches thick, contractors must pour a concrete pad for extra support.

Remove a section of deck measuring at least 3-by-3 feet, and dig underneath at least 8 inches.

If installing a sleeve, support it in the proper place,

then pour concrete around it.

If anchors will be used, completely fill the hole with concrete. Once the material sets, holes can be core drilled for the anchors, if the rest of the deck is concrete.

When doing this on paver decks, don’t pour the concrete footing all the way to deck elevation. Leave enough room to accommodate the replacement pavers.

After the concrete is dried, re-install the pavers. If a sleeve is involved, the installer will need to cut the right-sized hole in the paver to fit over the sleeve. For an anchor, drill through the paver and into the new concrete pad to install the anchors.