The Model Aquatic Health Code, the federally created health and safety code covering all areas of public pools and aquatics facilities, from water chemistry to lifeguard training, is up for public comment for the last time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is facilitating the landmark code, just released the latest draft, called the "knitted version," because its writers have woven together several subject-based modules which, until now, were being handled separately.

Like other model codes, the MAHC must be adopted by states and municipalities in order to take true effect. But some believe that, because it is being written and implemented by the federal government, its effects will reach past those jurisdictions that actually adopt it.

The MAHC covers 14 subject areas: facility design and construction; recirculation systems and filtration; disinfection and water quality; risk management and safety; facility maintenance and operation; monitoring and testing; contamination burden; hygiene facilities; fecal/vomit/blood contamination response; operator training; lifeguarding and bather supervision; regulatory program administration; ventilation and air quality; and preference/user guide/definitions.

This is the last time the public can comment on the code before its release later this year. The deadline for comments is May 27, 2014.

Reviewers can read the latest draft of the code and the annex, which explains the reasoning behind each provision, by going here: