For the third time in six years, “The New American Home” features the work of Doylestown, Pa.-based Anthony & Sylvan Pools. The official showcase house for the International Builders Show debuted in February during the 31st Annual National Association of Home Builders event in Las Vegas. Anthony & Sylvan is the first pool builder to be selected for the honor three times. The home’s waterfeatures begin at the front, where a reflection area greets guests. From there, it flows around a pathway and leads to a “floating” sitting area. Water also glides around the walkway from the atrium to the main part of the house, and eventually touches key areas, including the master bedroom. Visible from the entryway, the 772-square-foot concrete infinity pool in the backyard features a black pebble finish and glass tile at the waterline, plus two 10-inch wet deck lounges and an in-water bench. A raised, built-in hot tub has 360 degrees of water cascading into the pool below, while a seating area just outside creates a cohesive entertainment spot between the yard and pool. Built in the foothills of the Sky Terrace housing development in Henderson, Nev., the 6,700-square-foot multigenerational show home is meant to demonstrate concepts and best practices for energy efficiency, as well as NAHB’s green building, building materials designs and construction techniques.