After seven years in the making, the first edition of the Model Aquatic Health Code has been released. Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and partially funded through a grant from the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the MAHC is the first pool- and spa-related model code of its kind.

It was originally developed to address the increase in recreational water illness seen in public pools and spas, but was expanded to cover a large variety of areas pertaining to public pools and spas.

Subjects include facility design and construction; recirculation systems and filtration; disinfection and water quality; risk management and safety; facility maintenance and operation; monitoring and testing; contamination burden; hygiene facilities; fecal/vomit/blood contamination response; operator training; lifeguarding and bather supervision; regulatory program administration; ventilation and air quality; and preference/user guide/definitions.

As a model code, it only goes into effect in states and municipalities that choose to adopt it. It also pertains only to public facilities, not residential.