Apparently, there’s been quite a bit of confusion in Arizona about a law that went into effect last year. Title 44, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2012, mandates that replacement pool pump motors larger than 1 horsepower be of the two-speed, multi-speed or variable-speed variety. As with California’s Title 20 and 24, the goal was to promote energy efficiency.

Earlier this year, for the second legislative session in a row, a bill was introduced that would have overturned the law. APSP fought against the bill, which was not able to garner enough support and died on the vine as the legislative session closed.

But last week, the local media wrote about at least one pool professional who thought the law had been repealed.

At least until next year’s legislative session, when opponents of the law have another chance, pool professionals still must give their consumers a choice between purchasing a single-speed pump motor or a multi-speed model.


I also thought builders and service technicians would be interested in the fact that the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, the model code developed jointly by the International Code Council and APSP, is in the process of being updated. This code is meant to be adopted by states and municipalities as they go through their own code-updating cycles.

The code-writing body received proposals for altering the ISPSC’s language and, in its first round of hearings in spring, allowed some to go through for public consideration. Many of them are smaller word-choice-type changes meant for clarification.

The group is accepting comments from interested parties until July 15. Unfortunately the proposed changes and the results of the spring meeting don’t appear on one document. One needs to consult one document for the text of the proposed changes  and another to see which were allowed to go through for public comment and additional consideration at the next meeting. (The pool-code outcomes begin on page 419 as printed on the document.)

One can go on the ICC website to file a public comment.

Have a wonderful, safe July 4th.