Manufacturers of fiberglass pools may be in for a surprise during their next factory inspection.

In April 2003, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published new air emissions guidelines, called the MACT Standard, for composites manufacturing plants. Makers of composites, which include everything from bathtubs and showers to fiberglass pools, had until April 21, 2006, to comply with the new rules.

The EPA published modifications to those rules last August. Some manufacturers still weren’t able to meet the new standards by the deadline. “We are all required by law to have a Title V Permit, but not all of the pool industry has complied,” says Ray Cronise, vice president of Trilogy Pools, a Fayetteville, Tenn.-based manufacturer.

“Many pool manufacturers do not have correct permitting,” he adds. “Many don’t even know the rules apply to them.”

The American Composites Manufacturing Association has information on understanding the MACT standard and how to comply with it. To learn more, visit

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