Not all apps and products stand alone. Some apps need a specific product to work at all, and some products need an app to work the most efficiently. Here is but a small sampling of such app/product combos:

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Balboa Worldwide App

Control a Balboa control system via the app. It requires a Wi-Fi module that attaches to the hot tub.Details: Balboa Water Group; available on Android and iOS

eXact iDip

This product tests water chemistry and uploads the data to the app via Bluetooth. The app gives users added functionality: view and store test results, add notes and email clients. Details: Industrial Test Systems; available on Android and iOS Insta-LINK HOME

Test kit with test strips. The app reads the strip and shows the results while adding the numbers to the pool history. Details: LaMotte Company; available on Android and iOS MyDolphin

Controls Dolphin robot pool cleaners. Users can manually control the cleaner or set up timers, cycles and cleaning schedules. Details: Maytronics, available on Android and iOS Sensorex SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter

Meter tests pH, ORP and conductivity. Plugs into phone and uploads results to SAM-1 app. Details: Sensorex; available on Android, iOS Myron L Ultrapen PTBT 1

Pocket tester that measures conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity and temperature. Uses Bluetooth to send results to iOS devices. Details: Myron L Co.; available on iOS Palintest Aqua Pal

Connects with Palintest Bluetooth SMART photometers, with optional manual data entry for existing test kits. Details: Palintest; available on iOS Spa Boy

Requires an Onzen salt water system to use. Sensors in the spa measure pH and sanitizer level sending that information to the app. Details: Arctic Spas; available on iOS Zodiac iAquaLink 2.0

Allows users to control a pool via the smartphone app. Requires the iAquaLink web connect device and to be connected an AquaLink pool automation system. Details: Zodiac Pool Solutions; available on Android, iOS, Windows phone and BlackBerry Master Spas Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas SwimNumber App

App controls spa’s propulsion system to vary water current speed during pre-programmed or user created workouts. Details: Master Spas; available for iPad