Phosphates have a negative association in the pool industry as algae enablers. Although the extent to which they feed algae growth has been a source of debate, they can be used for buffers in certain applications.

While techs may not want to introduce phosphates into their pools, the spa may be a particularly good candidate for this kind of buffering.

“Phosphates are pretty good buffers,” says Ellen Meyer, technology manager at Arch Chemicals’ Water Products in Smyrna, Ga. “It’s really hard to keep a carbonate buffer in your water when it’s warm, toasty and you’re bubbling it the whole time.”

With CO2 being lost through offgassing at an accelerated rate, taking advantage of phosphates can ensure your pH doesn’t skyrocket every time the jets are activated.          


  • Defending Your Balance

Building the right buffer may involve more than bicarbonate alkalinity.


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