Pool Troopers

The PSN Top 50 Service firms comprise an elite, well-rounded group of companies representing all types of business models. And we're equally proud to acknowledge both the companies that have appeared on each of the five rankings since its inception, and those who have joined this group for the first time.

Below, welcome the companies that are new to the PSN Top 50 Service list. Next, learn who has been on the list since the beginning, and continue scrolling to see a comparison of how these five-peaters -- whom we call the Five Year Club -- have performed over the years.

New to Top 50

Welcome to these companies, which have ranked on the Top 50 Service list for the first time.

The 5-Year Club

This marks the fifth annual Top 50 Service ranking. Congratulations to these companies, which have placed on the list each year since the beginning. Listed in alphabetical order.

5-Year Club Over the Years

To get a sense of the service sector’s progress, we’ve isolated the companies that appeared on all five Top 50 lists and recorded their combined statistics to compare performance from year to year.


This group was on a growth track leading to the COVID-19 outbreak, which caused a small setback. But they rebounded in 2021, showing about 31% growth from 2020. The need to raise fees to keep up with pricing hikes may have contributed to this.

Over the past five years, this group has seen mild growth in the number of accounts served and the teams working them.