It is our honor to recognize this year's PSN and Jandy Top 50 Service companies — a group that continues to demonstrate the increasing vitality of this pool/spa industry sector.

It serves 135,095 accounts — 126,497 residential and 9,408 commercial. These firms earned a total of $307.9 million in 2021, with residential customers accounting for $250 million and commercial bringing in $35.8 million. They boast a total of 2,302 service employees.

This Top 50 list includes businesses of all models — from large-scale national firms to independent service companies to service departments of multi-disciplinary outfits. It reflects a new reality — the ever-increasing presence of consolidators in the pool/spa service sector. These companies, which purchase existing independent firms to spur quick growth, took top spots in this year's list, reflecting high scores in the five scoring categories: revenue, training programs,internet presence, industry participation and community involvement.

In this, our fifth year presenting this ranking, we take a look at those companies that have appeared in every edition since Day One, and compare how they have performed during that time.

Read on and in other articles in the series to learn more about these companies, and learn which firms have joined the ranking for the first time.