532 Monmouth Road
Clarksburg, NJ 08510

Tony Schiavone Jr.

The best advice that Seasonal World has ever received was shared with us a long time ago. It was “surround yourself with great people and everything else will fall into place.” This advice then and now still has a profound effect on how Seasonal World operates it business. —Tony Schiavone Jr.

Total residential construction revenue: $16,574,431

Number of pool excavations: 208

Number of locations: 1

Rank in previous years
2017: 12
2016: 12
2015: 9
2014: 10
2013: 6

Founded in 1980 by Schiavone, Seasonal World has built pools in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The family-run business also boasts a retail superstore at the main location in Clarksburg, N.J.

Words of Wisdom

We asked each 2017 Top 50 CEO: What was the best new idea your company implemented in the last two years?

Tony Schiavone, CEO
We always look to hire and develop “good” people. For us, this means those who have a positive, can-do attitude, no matter what the day brings or the challenges they face. These types of people have a positive impact to the morale of the organization.

Meet the Company's MVP

In 2018, we asked each CEO to name the employee whose contributions directly impacted their firm's success.

Stephen Ade, Director of Design, Seasonal World
Our company is better because of Stephen. Honest, hardworking. friendly and reliable, he understands that a customer is top priority. Amazingly creative, he has an unbelievable eye for small details that make a big difference. He can perform highly important, difficult tasks and make them look routine.