Many congratulations to the 2024 PSN and Pentair Top 50 Builders!

For this annual distinction, now in its 22rd year, we always seek the most well-rounded companies, believing it takes a number of factors to make one exceptional. Selection and ranking were based on five key ingredients: revenue; staff management and training; industry involvement; web presence; and community involvement.

These companies continue to succeed no matter the external circumstances. As a group, they earned $1.8 billion in total revenue in 2023. In that same time period, they generated a total of $1.4 billion in residential construction and excavated 9,447 pools. They also employ 4,536 full-time employees.

As our survey shows, these builders held steady last year and maintain an optimistic outlook for 2024. We also see that they’re a proactive bunch, adapting to the times by initating new marketing strategies, enlisting the help of consultants and investing more in their website.

Read on to find out who took their spots on this prestigious list, as well as key stats including a regional distribution map, the survey, and a look back at the past five years’ performance for our repeat honorees.

Here we offer vital stats on each Top 50 Builder’s 2023 performance. Some of the revenue information factors in the companies’ selection and ranking: The judging formula the Total Residential Construction Revenue amount.