There's a lot to say about the PSN Top 50 Builders. They excel at a number of disciplines and are spread throughout the country. Here, we take a closer look at this group by examining the regional breakdown, revealing the top earners and recognizing the companies that received top scores in training, websites and comunity involvement.

Top 5 Training

Gib-San Pool & Landscape Creations
Overall Top 50 Builder Ranking: 2

This company utilizes a number of outside instructors to teach staffers on a variety of topics, related to both job and life issues such as physical and mental health, stress management and company culture. The company recently formed a Mentorship Committee to help employees in their career growth and enhance employee retention. Weekly leadership meetings have been expanded to touch include more of its staff and grow its leadership base. The builder conducts much of its instruction in a training area with an operational pool and equipment pad for hands-on training. The company delivers its education in a variety of formats – written, verbal, hands-on and video – to appeal to people’s varying learning styles.

Cody Pools
Georgetown, Texas
Overall Top 50 Builder Ranking: 1

At the Texas operations, construction employees ride along with a veteran superintendent and designer for several weeks. They participate in both online and in-person instruction on drawing programs and data management. Responsibility is gradually increased on the jobs in the presence of the superintendant/designer. At the Arizona location, ridealongs continue for 4 to 12 weeks, with the mentor insuring that the new hire has a chance to observe every step of construction. New employees also learn about reading plans, drafting change orders, best practice use of our software system, time management training, and field other topics. Before receiving their assignments, superintendents must pass a special exam.

Claffey Pools
Southlake, Texas
Overall Top 50 Builder Ranking: 8

For construction employees, Claffey's organizational structure provides a career path to a project management position. Training for each position functions as an apprenticeship program to prepare employees for the next step up the organizational ladder. The builder has partnered with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance to develop position-specific training programs, determining what combination of PHTA courses should be applied to those seeking a start-up, project completion coordinator, construction warranty manager, new pool/remodel project managers and other positions.

Richard's Total Backyard Solutions
Overall Top 50 Builder Ranking: 16

As part of a new employee's onboarding process, this company sets the new hire up to take web-based classes from home. The company also tailors its ride-along schedule to each new hire, based on the position and need of the new hire. It will include exposure to just about every department to provide a company overview.

Seasonal World
Clarksburg, N.J.
Overall Top 50 Builder Ranking: 5

New hires begin with a short ride-along period where they strictly observe, getting an overview of the processes. The employee then is assigned a full-time mentor who acts as an hour-by-hour contact for questions and guidance. They are checked on a weekly basis by a supervisor for a period before progressing to full-time team member. The mentor and supervisor are incentivized based on the new hire's success.

Top 10 Websites

Adams Pool Group
Highlights: High-quality images set the right tone, while generous information about the company's history establishes trust. A well-fleshed out FAQ section.

Claffey Pools
Highlights: The opening page features and elegant layout and contains plenty of information and prompts, without being cluttered.

Colley's Pools & Spas
Highlights: A blog is updated at least weekly. The "About Us" section shows family photos of the owners, creating a sense of trust.

Concord Pools & Spas
Highlights: The layout immediately allows users to choose between spas, inground pools or outdoor living. Photo of the owner on the opening page brings a familiar face.

Gib-San Pool & Landscape Creations
Highlights: An extensive, detailed "About Us" section gives the company a chance to tout its credentials, experience and awards, and familiarizes browsers with the team.

J&M Pool Company
Highlights: A well produced video and high-quality photos open the site for a high-end look. Plenty of videos to familiarize consumers with pools and spas.

Keith Zars Pools
Highlights: Thorough "About Us" and FAQ's establish instant credibility.

Morehead Pools
Highlights: Pop-up window allows customers to immediately find the latest information on the company's COVID-protocols. Easy and quick navigation.

National Pools of Roanoke
Highlights: Easy to navigate, with separate sites for commercial and residential construction.

Presidential Pools, Spas & Patio
Highlights: Beautiful opener immediately allows browsers to choose the appropriate gallery.

Top 10 Community Involvement

High-Tech Pools
Highlights: Weekly volunteering at University Hospitals' Rainbow Babies and Children's Immunodeficiency Ward to connect with patients and attend to their needs.

Juliano's Pools
Highlights: Donated equipment and manpower to improve a 22-mile trail in Southern Vermont used by snowmobiles, cross country skiers and hikers.

Nejame & Sons
Highlights: Donated a new 24' aboveground pool with a Hayward DE filter to the Make A Wish Foundation for a family that has a child with cancer.

Puryear Custom Pools
Highlights: Employees donated their time and money to completely remodel an uninhabitable, roach-infested house for a newly single mom of three children, two of whom have special needs. Once the extensive repairs were made, they collected donations for new furniture, home decorations and toys.

Richard's Total Backyard Solutions
Highlights: Launched a year-long social media campaign, #RTBSGIVES, to creatively drive community involvement and charitable donations.

Seasonal World
Highlights: Helped run fundraisers such as a “Battle of the Bands” contest and a Casino Night for kids and adults to benefit educational foundations.

Gib-San Pool & Landscape Creations
Highlights: Supported a local restaurant during tough COVID times by purchasing 200-300 meals a week for 4 weeks and donated those meals. Encouraged other businesses to likewise creatively support each other.

Gohlke Pools
Highlights: Built a 2400-square-foot garden in front of its warehouse for community members and staff to cultivate a free source of healthy and organic fruits and vegetables.

Regal Pools
Highlights: Supported the Judah Brown Foundation, a local drowning prevention organization, by getting their van fully wrapped to spread their water safety message, and helped the group obtain corporate funding.

All Seasons Pools Spas & Outdoor Living
Highlights: Provided equipment and labor to create, repair and maintain the Manhattan Youth Athletic Association's local softball fields.

Top 50 Builders by Region

Above, we see a breakdown of how many Top 50 Builders are headquartered in each state, with the most representation in the Southwest and Northeast regions. Below, find statistics for each region.


Total Builders: 15Employees: 1,119
Average Employee Tenure: 12.3 years
Excavations in 2021: 1,749
Average Excavations per Builder: 116.6
2021 Total Revenue: $ 291,237,890
2021 Total Residential Construction Revenue: $189,444,727
• New Residential Construction: $ 168,129,760
• Renovation: $ 21,314,967
Average Residential Pool Price: $ 107,267


Total Builders: 9Employees: 439
Average Employee Tenure: 9.76 years
Excavations in 2021: 2,821
Average Excavations per Builder: 313.4
2021 Total Revenue: $ 251,978,562
2021 Total Residential Construction Revenue: $224,275,341
• New Residential Construction: $ 211,543,780
• Renovation: $ 12,731,561
Average Residential Pool Price: $74,608


Total Builders: 3Employees: 142
Average Employee Tenure: 13.5 years
Excavations in 2021: 93
Average Excavations per Builder: 31
2021 Total Revenue: $ 29,720,661
2021 Total Residential Construction Revenue: $16,654,900
• New Residential Construction: $ 14,079,057
• Renovation: $ 2,575,843
Average Residential Pool Price: $ 151,690


Total Builders: 16Employees: 1,999
Average Employee Tenure: 9.1 years
Excavations in 2021: 6,187
Average Excavations per Builder: 386.69
2021 Total Revenue: $ 746,889,391
2021 Total Residential Construction Revenue: $ 629,662,069
• New Residential Construction: $ 591,822,793
• Renovation: $ 37,839,276
Average Residential Pool Price: $ 99,196


Total Builders: 7Employees: 1,359
Average Employee Tenure: 8.1 years
Excavations in 2021: 4,728
Average Excavations per Builder: 675.43
2021 Total Revenue: $ 447,228,686
2021 Total Residential Construction Revenue: $379,515,603
• New Residential Construction: $309,564,357
• Renovation: $69,951,246
Average Residential Pool Price: $72,586