When creating a profile, builders can benefit from the following strategies:

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  • Write well: Use natural language and terms that clients will understand. Don’t shoot for the technical stuff. Put on your marketing hat and use descriptions to help clients know your business and what you provide. Be specific.
  • Tie in social media: Houzz, like most social media sites, offers the ability to tie the Houzz profile with a Facebook profile. This allows key activities, such as posting a new project, to appear on Facebook. The site also comes with a Facebook tab that allows users to share projects, reviews and discussions more easily.
  • Organize: Just because photos are on a profile doesn’t mean Houzz users want to sift through them. Organize images in a sensible manner that encourages users to stick around. Group them based on what’s shown, for example, a folder of waterfeatures or decking. Or put all the images of the same project in one folder.
  • Follow: Follow other builders, manufacturers and architects. Build a network of connections that can lead to potential jobs and clients.
  • Use the resources: Houzz offers a ton of tools not listed here. From selling products on Houzz to events, make sure to check out what the site offers.

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