Each year’s roster of Top 50 Builders tells a different story. Some indicate the mild, steady grind of perseverence through a struggle, others show a more confident pulsing through steady times. But you always hope for those that patter with robust growth.

Fortunately, 2016’s group has the latter written all over it. And the story doesn’t stop with the individual companies. Their success often reflects on the industry as a whole, and this year is no exception.

The 2015 data supplied by the Top 50 Builders reinforces the increasingly positive buzz of the past year or so: This group generated a total of $910.5 million, compared with $747 million in 2014, for a 22 percent increase. Of that, $666.1 million came from new residential construction, a 10-percent rise over the year before. Excavations for the group jumped to 12,023 in 2015, compared with 10,198 in 2014. And builders’ commitment to renovation has not waned — this year it rose 27 percent to $52.9 million.

While the revenue story may change, certain things remain bedrock from year to year — this group’s strong commitment to training, community and industry involvement.

Many stats and charts are to be found on the following pages, including a chart tracking the performance since 2007 of nine builders who have been on the list at least that long. But, of course, most companies have their own unique strengths. Turn the pages to find out which of the Top 50 make a splashier showing on the Web, which exercised their Good Samaritan muscles the most and which exhibited the strongest training standards.

Visit poolspanews.com to learn more about these companies, each of which has its own page of statistics and facts. Interactive graphs paint a further picture. Check back often throughout the year, as we will share audio clips featuring Top 50 Builders.