A leader in high-end pool and spa finishes has added a well-known product line to its repertoire.

Under a new licensing deal signed last month, Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Pebble Technology Inc. will market and distribute Beadcrete’s branded glass bead products throughout the United States. The addition of Beadcrete brings Pebble Technology’s product offerings, including its signature aggregates, to 60 distinct color finishes.

“I’m very excited about this,” said Robert Altamirano, president/CEO of Beadcrete USA, Glendale, Ariz. “I think Pebble Tec is a first-class operation, and they have some of the greatest applicators in the world. So, combined with our product, I think the marriage will be great, and we’re looking for great success.”

The agreement will make Beadcrete available through Pebble Tec’s nationwide applicator and builder network, said Bob Haning, vice president of sales & marketing at Pebble Tec.

The alliance also coincides with Beadcrete’s launch of an accent glass product line that will complement Pebble Tec’s aggregates, Altamirano said.

In addition, a separate pricing structure and warranty terms will be offered through Pebble Tec as a result of the new deal.

“We’ve tried to get this product in here for some time,” Haning said. “Beadcrete has always wanted to be part of Pebble Tec, and I think the timing was especially beneficial because the industry is shifting and starting to grow again.”

While the deal isn’t exclusive, it does put a new spin on an existing relationship.

Beadcrete had been available almost solely through PoolCorp since February 2008, when the Covington, La.-based distributor purchased National Pool Tile and inherited the glass bead line.

And, in fact, PoolCorp continues to offer Beadcrete through approximately 60 locations in 22 states, said Donna Williams, the firm’s general manager of global sales, marketing and product development.

“I think the market is changing, and certainly a lot could change looking into the future,” she added. “But we’ll continue to sell Beadcrete as long as we have the inventory, and we have plenty of inventory for next season. You just have to look at these things one season at a time.”

Warranty issues through the distributor will remain unchanged, Williams said, adding that PoolCorp will continue to actively promote Beadcrete in its literature.

In the field, a number of Pebble Tec applicators also have worked with Beadcrete, and many believe the alliance is a step in the right direction. 

“[Beadcrete] is a beautiful finish,” said Earl Weiss, co-owner of Jaguar Pools in El Monte, Calif.

“Pebble Tec is great in their marketing and quality control, and as an applicator I look forward to working more with [the product] in the future,” he added. “I think our high-end clients will really like it.”