In-floor cleaning manufacturer Paramount Pool and Spa Systems has purchased the Trident Ultraviolet Corp., a maker of UV sanitation products.

The September acquisition of the Los Angeles-based firm introduces a new category to Paramount, known for its infloor cleaners and safety drains. About eight years ago, the company began offering an ozone system.

“The ozone and UV is a perfect match as you bundle them for a swimming pool,” said Buzz Ghiz, Paramount’s president. “So we’re really excited about bundling our ozone with [Trident’s] UV and being able to offer a combined product that gives you the best sanitation there is, we believe.”

Paramount plans to integrate Trident’s operations into its Phoenix-area facilities by the end of October, and may relocate some of the acquired firm’s eight employees.

Trident owner and founder Gary Rochelle will work with Paramount for approximately six months during the transition, then will function as a consultant for as long as needed. “My role here is to ensure a smooth and orderly transition from Trident’s product being built in California, to Trident’s product being built as part of the Paramount production facility,” Rochelle said.

Trident offers three models of UV sanitizer and Paramount plans to retain the Trident name on two of the products and rebrand the third. The company also plans to expand into different applications such as more models suitable for portable spas and is exploring aboveground-pools as well.

Ghiz added that his company is seeking additional opportunities in other markets, especially the water purification arena.

“Paramount is in that mode right now, looking for any other opportunities that would fit within our business model and that we can sell through our existing dealers.”

Before starting Trident Ultraviolet Corp. nearly 8 years ago, Rochelle owned Delta UV Corp., which was sold to the French firm Bio-UV in 2006.