Photo from NSPF

In April, the National Swimming Pool Foundation granted $10,000 to the Angels of America’s Fallen as part of NSPF’s Step Into Swim Campaign. The AOAFallen is a nonprofit organization that aids the children of fallen military and first responders. Their mission is to help these children by providing them with positive mentoring and engaging them in healthy activities.

The grant from Colorado Springs, Colo.-based NSPF will be used to fund swim programs for children who selected swimming as a favorite activity. At least 22 youngsters across the United States will be enrolled in swim lessons via the Step Into Swim grant. The grant pays for program registration and provides the children with the necessary gear, such as swim wear and goggles.

“We empower the child to find their particular stress relief and passion. In this case, it is swimming and enjoying water activities. We are excited and grateful for the support from NSPF. … Their model of funding and our community involvement are a perfect match,” said Lt. Col. Joe Lewis, USAF retired, and president/CEO of AOAFallen. He added that the program aims to help children gain confidence.