Skip Greggs
Skip Greggs

Skip Greggs, a 50-plus-year veteran in the pool and spa industry, died February 9. The popular TeamHorner representative was 81 years old.

Glen “Skip” Greggs was born March 1, 1942 in Stoney Point, N.Y. In 1970, after four years in the Air Force, he and a friend from the military opened Poogie Pools, a service and retail company in Margate, Fla. In the 1980s, he sold his company and joined Team Horner, which had been a vendor for Poogie Pools.

Greggs remained with Team Horner for nearly the rest of his career. In his various sales positions with the company, Greggs also served as a frequent speaker and instructor, specializing in heat pumps and salt chlorine generators.

“He was both professional and personable,” said Horner CEO Bill Kent. “With most key customers he would develop a personal relationship where they trusted him and enjoyed working with him. He was just a joy.”

Having started as a service professional, Greggs was known for his ability to fix just about anything, Kent said. “He loved everything about the pool industry — the people, the action, the services that we provide to our customers, the health benefits and the fun benefits,” Kent said.

Greggs earned lifetime honors in Team Horner. “His influence on Team Horner, acknowledged through accolades like the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 and Hall of Fame induction in 2021, solidified his status as a pathfinder and trailblazer within the Team’s history,” the company said in a tribute.

Greggs is survived by his wife of 58 years, Sherry, two children and four grandchildren.