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After a construction lockdown of more than a month, Pennsylvannia's Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order allowing residential and commercial construction to resume beginning May 1.

On March 19, Wolf enacted a prohibition against operating businesses not deemed “life sustaining,” with most construction excluded from the list of life-sustaining industries. On April 20, he amended his executive order to permit construction again.

To resume construction again, contractors must follow a safety guidance that the state is preparing.

On the life sustaining construction already in progress must continue social distancing.

It seems the move may be part of a gradual loosening up of restrictions. Wolf also is allowing online car sales and curbside pickup of phone orders at Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) stores.

“Over the past six weeks, Pennsylvanians have come together like never before to halt the spread of COVID-19,” Wolfe said. “It has not been easy, but it has paid off. Today, we are taking small steps toward a degree of normalcy."

He continued: “I want to caution that we will not be resuming operations as they were in February. We’re going to continue to take precautions that limit our physical contact with others, and we will closely monitor this to see if it can be done safely.”

The state will monitor the situation, and if it concludes that Covid-19 cases increase because of the loosening measures, the governor will put the restrictions back in place, the state said in a press release.