An unfortunate case involving a chain of hot tub retailers in the United Kingdom and its failure to properly sanitize the tubs customers used to take test soaks is an important read for all dealers.

In 2012, JTF Wholesale Limited was sued after three customers died of Legionnaire's disease that originated from a hot tub they tried at display at the JTF Warehouse in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, one of the firm's 13 branches across the U.K. An additional 18 people needed hospital treatment, according to Horticulture Week.

So far 13 cases have been settled out of court, but the families of the deceased are pursuing legal action.

Insurers already have accepted civili liability on behalf of the firm, and the company made a statement about the incident:

"JTF takes its responsibility for the safety of all who work at and visit its stores extremely seriously and is saddened by the events which occurred in 2012.  The company would wish to extend its sympathy to all those affected by the legionella outbreak and in particular its condolences to the families and friends of the three people who sadly died. Unfortunately, due to ongoing investigations by the police and the pending inquests into the deaths of those who died JTF is unable to make any further comment."

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