The pool and spa industry is filled with strong personalities, powerful opinions and passionate advocates. This has led to great change and innovations.

But larger-than-life visionaries also tend to be very sure of their beliefs and this can cause problems when people disagree. Add to the mix questions about product liability, craftsmanship and best practices, and you have a recipe for massive discord.

Nowhere is this more true than in the longstanding feud between the National Plasterers Council and onBalance. The animosity between these two groups was one of the first things I learned about when I started with this magazine more than ten years ago.

I also learned that people outside the industry, such as my friends and family, would never understand how two professional organizations could hold such a profound grudge over a few spots on the wall of a pool.

They don’t get it. Many thousands of dollars have changed hands over the years due to spot etching and, until the industry agrees on the source of the problem and its solution, there will never be peace in the valley.

So, in an effort to shed light on the issue, we’re featuring a close look at the origin of the disagreement along with a detailed recounting of the science each side brings to the table. It’s actually a very interesting, educational read.

Our article, written by Rebecca Robledo, is scrupulously unbiased and serves as a wonderful depiction of where the industry stands today regarding this contentious issue.

So give it a read and send me your thoughts ... politely, please.