Promotions can be particularly useful in the off-season, when pool and spa owners may need a little prodding to visit their local retailer. Following are a few seasonal ideas to consider when mulling your next sale.

January: Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, so think about promoting self-help activities tied to fitness, nutrition and health care that also incorporate your core products, suggests marketing firm Sweet Marketing Solutions.

February: The 14th provides a great opportunity to let your customers know how much you love and appreciate them. It’s also a good time to promote romance: Johnson Pools & Spas in Huntsville, Ala., holds a Valentine’s Day spa event in which it creates a “Date Night” atmosphere in the store, complete with grand piano, champagne and appetizers. Co-owner Penny Johnson also sends fancy invites to couples that have previously shopped for, but not purchased, spas.

April: Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month takes place in April, and pet-friendly promotions are always popular, whether they’re adoption-focused or simply chances to meet other local animal lovers. Also falling in April is Earth Day. With consumers’ growing attention on green, eco-friendly products and equipment, it’s another excuse to promote your energy- and environment-saving goods.

November: You may not have known that November is National Adoption Month. Promotions can be tied to raising awareness of adoptions, as well as the approximately 140,000 kids in North American foster homes awaiting permanent families, according to Sweet Marketing Solutions. In addition to Thanksgiving, November also plays host to the Great American Smokeout (held on the 20th). An event tied to kicking the habit could win you major points with your customers — not to mention the American Cancer Society.