Megadistributor PoolCorp has reported another record year in 2022.

The company said it saw th of 17% to $6.2 billion last year. This amounted to nearly double reported sales in 2019, the company added.

President/CEO Peter Arvan attributed the company’s performance in part to its positioning during supply shortages.

“We leveraged our strong capital position and operating capabilities to invest in inventory ahead of challenging supply chain and inflationary conditions to serve our customers and bring new products to the market in a dynamic environment,” he said.

Inflationary product cost increases also boosted net sales figures, the company said, as did continuing demand for outdoor living products.

Gross profit for 2022 broke another record, at $1.9 billion, marking a 20% increase over the $1.6 billion seen in 2021. Net income increased 15% to $748.5 million in 2022, compared with $650.6 million in 2021.