Landscaping, especially in states with severe drought such as California, has become an increasing struggle for homeowners. From water restrictions to shaming neighbors for using water to care for their exteriors, many are leaving their lawns to dry up and brown. Others are turning to alternative landscaping ideas, but even that is having an unintended impact on the ecosystem.

Luckily, a recent flurry of products have emerged to help homeowners care for their lawns while conserving water (and reducing guilt and costs associated with the maintenance.) The latest to hit the market, according to BUILDER, is a new technology from smart home manufacturer Nexia, the Iro Smart Sprinkler Controller, which allows homeowners to manage water consumption as easily as they control their television. Available to those who subscribe to the Nexia system, which is offered by many production builders, the technology brings outdoor irrigation management and conservation capability to clients seeking ways to improve their current set-up.

"Using modern irrigation techniques and real-time intelligence on the weather, zone type, regional characteristics and seasonality, Iro’s sensors and software automatically calculate the optimal watering schedule with just the right amount of water necessary to maintain a healthy landscape, reducing outdoor water usage by 30 percent on average," writes Jennifer Goodman.

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