In the last several years, the mermaid tail trend has taken off, thanks in part to a number of celebrities and their kin taking selfies in their very own fins. Everyone from Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry to Britney Spears and Kim Krdashian's baby girl have been caught on camera dressed as the legendary aquatic creature.

And now homeowners can jump on the bandwagon, inviting mermaids to their own pool parties. Golden State Lifeguards, based in suburban Los Angeles, has diversified to become a one-stop shop for professional lifesavers, as well as actors who portray mythological sea creatures.

According to a report in sister publication Aquatics International:

Adding entertainers to its repertoire is how the firm intends to maintain a stronghold on a very niche market — celebrity pool parties. Hollywood types hire Golden State Lifeguards to supervise their splashy soirees.

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