If a new bill passes in the Sunshine State, new pools and spas will require two safety devices or systems to pass final inspection.

The options in Senate Bill 724, introduced by Republican Senator Ed Hooper, include isolation fencing, a safety cover, window and door alarms, self-closing and -latching devices, or a pool alarm. The bill lists qualifications each product must meet.

Additionally, the bill proposes that certain requirements be met before a pool can be transferred to a new owner.

The Florida Swimming Pool Association expresed concerns to Hooper. While the senator seemed open to exploring options, FSPA said in a communication to its members, he remained committed to the bill, which was proposed by a constituent.

The association is in discussions with the Florida Realtors Association about working together to address the legislation.

SB passed its first committee in March.

A companion bill, House Bill 805, has also been introduced but has not moved yet.