Industry groups across Arizona are educating their members about the state’s upcoming pool pump efficiency standards.

The Pool Pump and Portable Spa Energy Efficiency Standards will take effect Jan. 1, 2012, and will require two-speed, multi-speed or variable-speed pumps on all residential installations with a pump size greater than 1 horsepower. This has invited comparisons with Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations, a very similar law that has been on the books since 2006.

Manufacturers for months have been offering guidance at meetings of the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

“We’re targeting the whole pool industry — builders, service companies and all that — to help them be prepared to support and comply with the law,” said Steve Barnes, safety and compliance manager at Pentair Water Pool and Spa in Sanford, N.C.

Though industry groups in some states have voiced their objections to government energy regulation, manufacturers have made an effort to keep these discussions positive.

“Our big focus is on feature benefit — how customers are seeing major energy savings with variable-speed pumps,” Barnes said. “We have value to sell.”

This outreach shifted into high gear in early summer, when APSP officials reached out to manufacturers in search of expert insight into the new legislation.

Utility groups such as Arizona Public Service and the Salt River Project have also been sending representatives to speak at local industry meetings. In addition to providing updates on legislation, these utilities have been educating pool professionals about potential energy rebates and other promotions.

This desire to spread the word will be crucial when the law goes into effect — but APSP leaders say plenty of work remains.

“There are a lot of independent pool professionals who don’t know about what’s going on,” said Chuck Schoch Jr., president of the Central Arizona Chapter of APSP. “This information is going to take awhile to trickle down.”

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