A Florida family is suing four companies for the electrocution death of their 7-year-old son.

Calder Sloan was electrocuted April 13 in his family’s pool in North Miami. The family is suing for faulty wiring, maintenance and other issues. They claim, among other things, that a wire overheated and that certain fail-safe mechanisms either weren’t installed or failed.

The suit names Pentair Pool Products (now Pentair Aquatic Systems), which produced the light. Also named was the service firm, All Florida Pool and Spa Center, which the family says worked on the pool weekly. Also named are Gary B. Electric and Construction Consultant, for improper bonding and grounding; and Jorge Perez Enterprises Inspection Company, which inspected the home during the purchasing process.

Pentair and All Florida Pool both issued statements of sympathy over the family’s loss, with the service firm adding it was not involved in the design or construction of the pool.

The family has vowed to enact change that will protect others from electrocution hazards, and claims that, as a result of the child’s death and subsequent safety-awareness website, thousands of pools have been inspected. Read More