A hot tub service technician in Rutland, Vt. Faces charges of fraud after police accused him of making false promises to service hot tubs. In court, McKee pleaded innocent to two felony counts of using false pretenses to obtain more than $900, a misdemeanor count of petty larceny, and a misdemeanor count of using false pretenses to obtain less $900. Police became interested in McKee in 2014 when a client of his reported that McKee had lied about repairing the man's hot tub.

Allegedly, McKee damaged the client's hot tub, failed to repair it, and did not order a new hot tub as requested. He supposedly took money from the client and then stopped phone calls. In all, police estimate that McKee cost his client $8,000.

McKee was cited and expected to show in court on August 25, 2014. However, there was no arraignment until nearly a year later, and police did not respond to press questions about the incident. Read More