Recently, I went to see comedian Mike Birbiglia’s latest one-man show, “The Old Man and the Pool.” Pool-based humor? Sign me up!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I laughed a lot. Birbiglia is a master storyteller with expert comedic timing and an appealing, self-deprecating style. His show was a reflection on the indignities of aging and the changes he’s made to his life in an effort to take better care of himself. Serious stuff, true, but ripe for mining comedy gold.

One of the lifestyle changes he made was to engage in more physical activity. His doctor strongly recommended swimming since Birbiglia is not made of the stuff of athletes. I won’t spoil the entire show for you, but he goes on an extended story about his experience learning to swim as a child at the local YMCA, and his return to the Y as an adult to reacquaint himself to the sport.

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