Earlier this year, the California Supreme Court rendered a decision that changes the parameters for classifying workers as independent contractors. Industry observers and legal specialists continue to suss out the ramifications of the change.

To help pool and spa companies, the California Pool and Spa Association will conduct a web-based seminar next week to explore the decision regarding independent contractors. It takes place next Thursday, Aug. 23, 3-4:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. Benjamin Ebbink, an employment law specialist with the law firm Fisher & Phillips will discuss the decision and its possible implications, as will CPSA Director of Government Relations John Norwood.

Topics covered include:- Ramifications of the decision;
- The court's new test for determining if a worker qualifies as an independent contractor;
- The consequences of misclassifying a worker.

To enroll for the free webinar, go here.

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