If the California Pool & Spa Association has its way, a contractor law that has been long on the books will be revoked in the Golden State.

The organization also recently appointed a new director to manage it.

At CPSA’s request, the California Contractor State License Board has agreed to consider removing two statutes that specifically target the pool industry. From its “California Contractors License Law and Reference Book,” one says that pool-construction contracts can be declared void and unenforceable if they don’t include all language required on a home-improvement contract. The other automatically awards attorneys fees to the prevailing party in legal actions that involve pool-construction contracts.

The statutes were first instituted about 40 years ago, when the pool industry generated a disproportionate number of complaints. But with more advanced drafting techniques and technology that makes builders more accessible, such laws aren’t necessary, said CPSA President Scott Cohen.

“Whatever created the need for those statues in that era, those things don’t exist today,” he said. “So we really need them to [be removed] so we can be on a level playing field with all other contracting classifications.”

CSLB is supposed to decide on the matter some time this fall, he said.

As for the new director, that post has been taken by Susan Stein Kregar, who also manages the Central Arizona and Southern Arizona chapters for the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance. CPSA now is part of PHTA.

Stein Kregar has worked for PHTA since 2010, during which time she has provided guidance to other chapters throughout the country. She has managed trade associations in several construction trades. She earned her Certified Association Executive designation in 2017 and Certified Non-Profit Accounting Professional in 2015.

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