A San Luis Obispo, Calif. pool supply store is closing its doors after 42 years in business.

Craig Fraser will be leaving the industry after helping to operate his family's business, Coastal Pool Center, since he was 19, according to The Tribune.

The business was founded by his mother, Marlene Leek, and her husband, William Leek, in 1973. Sadly, Marlene passed away at age 83 on Feb. 1,. Following the passing of his mother, Fraser has decided to close down the store.

“It’s just to the point where I don’t see how I could personally continue,” he told the news agency.

When The Tribune published the story on March 31, Fraser had 45 days to vacate the property. In the meantime, he reported he would be selling his remaining inventory, which included  including pool supplies, as well as indoor plants, pottery, soils and other items.

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