A pool retail store in California is getting a second chance at life.

San Luis Obispo-based Coastal Pool Center closed earlier this year after 42 years in operation when its owner Craig Fraser announced he would be leaving the family business he helped operate since age 19. Tragically, Fraser died just a few days after sharing his news.

Now his friend and former employee Derek Ehinger has opened the store CCH in Fraser's memory a few blocks away from the original store. He even has stocked some of the old store's inventory on his shelves, according to The Tribune.

Ehinger, who was an independent contractor for Coastal Pool Center after he started his own company about eight years ago, was unable to retain the CPC name, so he went with his three daughters' initials instead. But he intends to operate his company much like Fraser did.

Everyone will tell you Craig had that personal touch,” Ehinger said. “I don’t want to lose that. I guess I’m going to go out and be everyone’s friend — that’s what he was best at.”

Ehinger has applied for an additional classification on his contractor’s license to build pools and handle pool remodels, and he expects to be a full service company.

“Working for Craig, it was really hard to say if he was my boss or my friend,” Ehinger said. “He was the best — it’s an honor to continue the same business that he had.”

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