Warning: What you are about to read is shamelessly self-promotional. But it’s also true.

Every day, I receive what feels like 1,000 pieces of e-mail. The filter on my computer blocks out most of the “Make Her Happy All Night” type of correspondence, but many other items remain.

What makes it more complicated is that some of these e-mails are things I actually asked for — a newsletter from the National Retail Federation or updates from my favorite charity. But I still feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff I am expected to read.

So, I’ve done two things to combat the avalanche in my inbox. The first is I never, ever subscribe to anything new unless I’m sure I will read it. Second, I know which e-mails are likely to contain information I need, and I open those first.

Is it important that I study a message containing the latest real estate listings for homes in my zip code?  No. That information won’t help me in business or my personal life right now. Conversely, should I read the news update from Folio, a trade magazine for the publishing business? Yes, as long as it’s interesting and relevant. (I bet you’ve now figured out where I’m going with this.)

The key to handling e-mail overload is to be selective.

The Pool & Spa News e-newsletter is designed with that principle in mind. All of our top news stories are written by in-house staff and tailored to the industry, rather than merely presenting a round-up of what has already appeared in the mainstream press.

Every two weeks a report tells me which stories have generated especially high readership, or “click-throughs.” I use that information to plan future editions. (Sadly, readers in our industry mirror readers everywhere — most strongly prefer stories focusing on bad news.)

So, if you’re not a subscriber to the Pool & Spa News Insider, try it out and see what you think. I promise you will get something out of each edition. And if you are already a subscriber, let me know what you think. I’ve received a lot of great feedback, and am always interested in hearing more.

To become an insider, e-mail me: [email protected].