I’m from a generation that grew up before computers were prevalent and, looking back today, it seems like the dark ages. I remember my first job as a secretary, and the sinking feeling that occurred after my boss would change a letter he had just dictated to me. There were instances when I retyped the same document three or four times.

As wonderful as computers are, it has taken me a long time to embrace all of their advantages. I love the feel of a book or magazine in my hands, and have been somewhat resistant to reading material on the Web.

That is changing. Today, in addition to the many books and periodicals I read on paper, I also enjoy a number of e-newsletters. Not only are they convenient and targeted to my interests, but I also like having the ability to quickly link to other products and services that I find intriguing.

Last summer, Pool & Spa News created a free e-newsletter that is sent to subscribers every two weeks. It features topical stories, business advice from our Top 50 Builders, a short report on the housing market, blurbs from retailers on their hottest products and creative tips from our Masters of Design winners.

The response has been highly favorable, though I’ll admit that it still feels strange to have readers call me to comment on a story just a few minutes after we “published” it.

Our list of e-newsletter recipients is taken from the Pool & Spa News subscriber database. However, if you didn’t provide us with an e-mail address, or you are one of many readers who pick up a shared copy of the magazine at work, then you will not receive the e-newsletter.

That said, subscribing to the Pool & Spa News Insider is easy. You can simply drop me a note with your e-mail address.

While for me, nothing will ever replace the printed page, this is a wonderful addition to the news and information we’ve been providing in every issue for 46 years.