There's been a lot of talk lately about properly classifying subcontractors and employees. Perhaps it's because the fines and penalties for misclassification can ruin a business.

Luckily, sister publication REMODELING has put together a quick and easy quiz that will help you to determine if you are following the proper guidelines. Answer some of these basic questions and find out if you are in the clear.

So how does the quiz work? It has two possible outcomes: in the clear, or not. Every question has an answer that maps to each outcome. Whichever outcome has the most points wins.

To be more sensitive, REMODELING weighed it so that “incorrect” answers score twice as much as correct ones, so it only takes one or two problem areas to not pass.

Note: This quiz is not legal advice. Consult a lawyer and the guidelines at the Department of Labor for all details on subcontractor classification. Read More