Pool Troopers, the Tampa, Fla.-based PSN Top 50 company that seeks to expand throughout the Sunbelt, is entering the construction and retail realms.

The company has acquired Year-Round Pool Co., a 40-year-old firm based in Hilton Head, S.C., which holds construction, retail and renovation divisions, along with its service operation.

This also marks Pool Troopers’ entry into the coastal Georgia and Carolina regions. Year-Round is expected to anchor the Southern Atlantic region.

While new construction will likely not become a primary focus for Pool Troopers, management does expect renovation to become a bigger part of the company over time. "That's a significantly more predictable, repeatable and, I believe, a much stronger portion of the market," said the company's CEO, Gary Crayton.

He expects incorporating Year-Round's operation to make a strong first step in that direction. However, service will always serve as the company's core. "We want to do the construction ancillary to our service mix," Crayton said.

The Year-Round Pool team, including principals Frank and Jeff Fotia, will continue to operate the company as usual.

This marks Pool Troopers’ ninth acquisition since it began this business model in December, 2020. With the recent partnerships over the last 10 months, Pool Troopers has more than tripled in size.

Pool Troopers now has 16 locations in five states -- Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Arizona.