I know a pool builder in the Greater Los Angeles area who sold $25,000 worth of outdoor furniture as part of a $500,000 pool project.

It was a stunning project, featuring an outdoor kitchen with bar stools, a gazebo with a U-shaped sectional, and a chaise longue area.

Sure, he could have referred his customer to any number of dealers to furnish the outdoor-living space, but why leave that kind of money on the table?

Some builders are doing exactly that. Some assume that, to sell this product, they need an elaborate showroom or that patio furniture is outside their area of expertise.

First, let me address the showroom concerns: You don’t need to display every stick of furniture in a posh setting. All you really need are a book of swatches, brochures and glamour shots and a few barstools or club chairs so clients can get a sense of the quality.

As for expertise, you already have it. Pool builders are the first ones in the backyard. They’ve earned the homeowner’s trust. They already understand design, color and how backyard spaces should function. There is no reason you shouldn’t also supply furniture for the spaces you create.

If you’re still not confident that you know enough to sell outdoor furniture, here’s a primer.

There are three main categories of deep seating: Club chairs, love seats and sofas. Here are their respective average measurements in width: 26 inches, 57 inches and 84 inches. You also might find opportunities to incorporate a chaise longue, which will average 84 inches. Discuss with the client what his or her furniture needs might be, and design with these figures in mind, assuring that each space is large enough to accommodate its intended function. Furniture should never be an afterthought.

If the client suggests a firepit, for example, you can recommend club chairs or curved sofas. The latter come in sections, so you can size them accordingly.Does an area call for a fireplace wall with a flatscreen TV monitor? Consider a combination of sofas and club seats. Likewise, an outdoor kitchen creates an opportunity to discuss dining tables and chairs.

Beyond function, there are also style considerations. Modern furniture with straight lines complements geometric pools. If it’s a Roman or Grecian pool, consider ornamental furniture, such as a cast aluminum frame with leaf configurations.

As you select materials such as pavers, tile and pool finish, begin thinking about how to tie those colors in with the furniture. Blue is big right now. If you have blue highlights in the pool tile, consider accenting your furniture with blue throw pillows and lumbars. Custom colors aren’t out of the question either. While most manufacturers offer at least a handful of stock colors, some will let you devise your own hues. Just know that, whereas stock fabrics are a quick ship, custom colors will generally require six to eight weeks lead time.

And don’t overlook shade structures. Consider where your clients will spend most of their time and how often that area will be under direct sun. Propose solutions such as a 9-, 11- or 13-foot umbrella.

You can further explore customers’ furniture needs through design software programs such as Pool Studio, which lets you place seating arrangements throughout the area, giving them a good sense of space and function. Even better: Let them experience the backyard virtually through a VR headset. In virtual reality, not only will your clients feel as though they’re actually in their own backyards, you can also manipulate environmental conditions. For example, you can determine where the sun will be at any given time, helping you figure out the best place to put a shade structure or umbrella. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Keep in mind, too, that the manufacturer’s design team can be a partner in the project. They can conduct site visits and consult project photos to help plan seating configurations and select colors and patterns.

Bottom line: Patio furniture is profitable. It’s not unusual for builders to make an additional $100,000 to $200,000 a year in revenue.

And your clients will thank you.