There are two ways to look at business results—the top line and bottom line. Your bottom line is total profit and your top line is total sales. Top line improvements come from selling to more customers or selling more to each customer. Bottom line results come from making more margin from each sale.

Boosting your business is when you do both simultaneously. Let’s look at three simple ways to boost your business:

1. Sell Value at Every Step

Selling on value gets you out of the internet price wars. Focus on premium additions. Premium-priced products aren’t an obstacle, but rather an opportunity to communicate the value your business delivers.Understanding your customer’s needs is essential. For example, customers who value their swimming experience will seek better looking, feeling, tasting and smelling water. They are prime candidates for ultra-low chemical sanitation solutions, similar to Clear Comfort’s technology. Delivering non-chlorine solutions to customers shows your business delivers high value.

You can also improve your top line by increasing your average price per sale. Packaging is key. Often providers make the mistake of line item pricing a premium solution. This allows the customer to pick apart the proposal and sub-optimize the offering and its value.

To enhance the value of a Clear Comfort system, you can offer a package that includes upgraded pumps, filters, and piping. Line item pricing encourages customers to rip apart your proposal. Offering a “Platinum Pool Care Package” for one price communicates the value of your entire package while avoiding the competition of internet pricing.

A Colorado Residential pool that upgraded to Clear Comfort’s chlorine-free pool sanitation system.
A Colorado Residential pool that upgraded to Clear Comfort’s chlorine-free pool sanitation system.

2. Act Like an Industry Leader

Top line sales come when customers seek out leaders who stay up to date. Staying with products you’re comfortable with is easy, but your business will eventually suffer.

Your long-term sales improve when you understand, integrate and adopt newer proven technologies that customers desire. Internet savvy customers have access to unlimited information. Selling products that have been in use for decades - like chlorine, salt or UV - is comfortable, but does not demonstrate leadership. Customers are seeking new and improved solutions like the Clear Comfort system. Strong readership interest in Clear Comfort’s CCW100 system led it to be named a Top 50 Product of 2017 by Pool and Spa News and a top 25 Most Valuable Product of 2017 by Aquatics International. Becoming an expert for these trending products will drive your top and bottom line value.

3. Build and Leverage Customer Loyalty

It’s five times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. Maintaining customer loyalty avoids higher customer acquisition costs and directly improves the bottom line. Building loyalty starts with excellent service support. But, don’t overlook your best friend. The internet has provided the opportunity to cost effectively complement your premium service with premium online presence. Tools like referral rewards, email, digital marketing and social media activities reinforce loyalty.

Clear Comfort has learned that using these tools creates advocates for your business. Clear Comfort’s exclusive dealer-direct partners build customer loyalty with training, service and technical support. In turn, Clear Comfort assists its dealers with email, social media, marketing materials and campaigns to boost loyalty and drive top and bottom line results.

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