"In a large yard with a backdrop of trees, the head of a pool should have a focal point," writes Lawrence Winterburn, a designer with GardenStructure in Toronto.

To that end, he created this stunning privacy screen that draws the eye across the water to the far end of the pool, where it appears there's deep trellis inviting further exploration.

It's an optical illusion. Using the French technique of trompe l’oeil, Winterburn deceives the eye into believing there is something more beyond the backdrop.

"Is adding trompe l’oeil to the equation too much? Well, since I had already stepped over that line with this design, I decided to add some contrasting trelliswork—some made out of red cedar, and some of wrought iron—to add to the degree of difficulty. That’s how magic happens, even though this destination screen really is just a fence," he adds.

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