1006 20th Street
Plano, TX 75074

Chris Polito and Ted Anderson

When making life altering decisions it is smart to seek wise council. However, if your gut and heart do not agree with that council, it is best to follow your gut. —Chris Polito

Total residential construction revenue: $8,467,000

Number of pool excavations: 60

Number of locations: 1

Number of staff: 15

Rank in previous years
2014: 13
2014: 16
2013: 16

Founded in 1990, Pool Environments specializes in the high-end market, building 50 to 60 pools a year. Teaming up with qualified and passionate craftsmen, the firm takes a "customer first" approach to construction management.

Meet the Company's MVP

Cynthia Halliburton, Client Services Coordinator
Cynthia is the epitome of southern hospitality: She treats each client with the care and kindness of a friend. That being said, there are many of our clients that do consider her just that...a friend.

PSN Staff