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Rough & Ready

The pool service business uses specialized tools from custom wrenches to unique... More

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Side Benefit

When insulating pools, spas and waterfeatures, builders should not only think... More

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Every day, in the midst of the bitter rivalry, politics and regulatory battles... More

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Peak Performers

Automatic pool cleaners are valuable assistants to many service technicians (and... More

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Hazard Country

Service work is no day at the beach. In fact, at times it can be downright dangerous More

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For Clarity's Sake

Filters aren’t particularly glamorous, but they are necessary to keep the showier... More

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Zeroing In

One of the toughest things about fixing a spa is diagnosing the problem. More

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Stop the Madness

Bob Foutz has been servicing swimming pools in Southern California for 21 years. More

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I cleaned my cartridge filter this week but the pressure went back up after a few... More


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