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Chlorinator Suit Stirs Concerns

A lawsuit involving two individuals who suffered chemical burns from... More

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Thriving in a Flat World

Recently, I was on a plane on my way to a conference and started chatting with the... More

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Look Outside

As a certified public accountant, Stan Griffin used to head the audit staff of the... More

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The Protector

“The one thing I was certain of when I was [a youth] was that I would never go... More

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Pool Companies May Not Be Insured for VGB Work

Pool and spa professionals performing some VGB-related work may not be covered... More

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Insurer Draws Ire from Pool Techs

Members of the United Pool Association got a scare in February when the group’s... More

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Insuring Cost Control

We have a love-hate relationship with insurance. More

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Insurance Companies Lower Rates

In response to tough economic times, insurance companies are scrambling for business from pool and spa firms, with many lowering their premiums. More

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Falling out of Trouble

In 2004, an elderly woman stepped into the strip mall parking lot in Rockville, Md... More

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Tip: Bid for Benefits

Recently, we decided to put our health insurance out for bid. We’re now looking at... More


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