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Anti-Carbon Movement Spreads, Sees Backlash

Learn the contradictory ways states are responding to the anti-carbon-emissions... More

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New Executive Chosen for California Pool & Spa Association

Learn who has stepped in to manage the organization after the departure of... More

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California Pool and Spa Association Enters Into Affiliation with Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Learn how the agreement will affect the California organization. More

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California Order Ties COVID-19 to Workers’ Comp

Learn how the move places the burden of proof on employers. More

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Making Your Case to Local Government

In light of work restrictions enacted in response to Covid-19, pool/spa... More

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California Governor Signs Independent Contractor Bill

The new law is expected to help contractors navigate the new independent... More

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California Legislature Passes Independent Contractor Bill with Exemptions

Amendments in the legislation offer hope for pool/spa builders and some service... More

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Service and Contracting Firms Allowed Back in SoCal Rebate Program

The industry negotiated a deal for delivering Southern California Edison’s rebate... More

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Service and Building Firms To Remain Shut Out of Southern California Edison Pool Pump Rebate Program

The utility has decided to continue restricting rebates to retailers, dealing a... More


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