June 15 2012 Table of Contents

Automation Advances Quarterly Market Report: Automation Automation Advances

The job of the “pool guy” is changing rapidly. Read more

Working Together Quarterly Market Report: Automation Working Together

As helpful as new technologies might be, a foolproof, all-in-one pool sanitation solution still hasn’t been invented yet. Read more

It’s Been a Pleasure Editor's Note It’s Been a Pleasure

Two years ago, I walked into a meeting of a philosophy discussion group and found myself embroiled in a debate that changed my life. Read more

On the House? Design/Construction On the House?

Some believe free estimates come with the territory of being a service technician, while others can’t imagine providing hard-earned knowledge without a charge. Read more

Making Exceptions Design/Construction Making Exceptions

As a general rule, Jerry Wallace doesn’t believe in providing free estimates. Read more

Deadline Extended for ADA Compliance Industry News Deadline Extended for ADA Compliance

The Department of Justice has extended the date by which public pools and spas need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read more

Grass-Roots Efforts Fail to Repeal Arizona Pump Law Industry News Grass-Roots Efforts Fail to Repeal Arizona Pump Law

Grass-roots attempts to repeal a controversial energy law have failed to produce a conclusive vote in Arizona’s state legislature, leaving the measure on the books for now. Read more

Top Builder Launches Online Retail Operation Industry News Top Builder Launches Online Retail Operation

A national mega swimming pool builder has expanded its brick and mortar retail operations to the virtual world. Read more

DOJ OKs Portable Lifts, Relaxes Regs Industry News DOJ OKs Portable Lifts, Relaxes Regs

The Department of Justice on Thursday announced a dramatic about-face on disability regulations for public swimming pools and spas. Read more

Genesis 3 Redesigns Program Industry News Genesis 3 Redesigns Program

The Genesis 3 Design Group has revamped its educational program. Read more

HOAs Concerned Over New Law Industry News HOAs Concerned Over New Law

A new Florida law is causing concern among homeowner associations. Read more

Changes to New Pump Mandate Cause Confusion Industry News Changes to New Pump Mandate Cause Confusion

The switch from single-speed pumps to multi- and variable-speed pumps in Florida pools was supposed to save energy. Read more

Industry News Rola-Chem Issues Advisory

Rola-Chem Corp. has issued an advisory for customers who have purchased one of the company’s peristaltic pumps without a chemical controller. Read more

California Avoids Service Tax Industry News California Avoids Service Tax

The California pool industry’s biggest legislative threat in the past couple of years — the imposition of a service tax — seems to have been fended off for now. Read more

Texas Pool Water Prices See Huge Hikes Industry News Texas Pool Water Prices See Huge Hikes

Some suppiers who truck in water to fill Texas pools are raising their rates by as much as 300 percent. Read more

Sophisticated Science Quarterly Market Report: Automation Sophisticated Science

Automated controllers are the most sophisticated pieces of equipment found in the pool and spa industry, hands down. Read more

Avoid Overcalibration Quarterly Market Report: Automation Avoid Overcalibration

A frequently made mistake in the use of automatic controllers takes place on the commercial side. Read more

Upping Efficiency Service/Technology Upping Efficiency

In today’s economic environment, it’s easy to focus on purchasing the lowest-priced item available. Read more

Palm Pilot Quarterly Market Report: Automation Palm Pilot

Thirteen years ago, Eloy Sherlock and his partner, Bernard Zimring, sealed a deal for their pool-building firm by signing a contract on a paper napkin. Read more

In Control Quarterly Market Report: Automation In Control

A handful of leading manufacturers have introduced products that connect automation systems to smart devices so consumers and industry professionals can monitor and control settings using a Web-enabled app. Read more

Closing of a Gap In These Times Closing of a Gap

To many professionals of a certain age, the road to social media has been slow and tinged with resistance. Read more

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