July 13 2012 Table of Contents

Legends of the Fall Design/Construction Legends of the Fall

It’s rare that an opportunity presents itself to work on a historic property where landscape features such as oak trees have been maturing for more than 100 years. Read more

A Question of Honor Editor's Note A Question of Honor

I had my bathroom remodeled about a year and a half ago using a large amount of unique and overpriced tile. Read more

Opposites Attract Editor's Note Opposites Attract

In this year’s Masters of Design Issue, I noticed a trend that, when looked at one way, is a little unsettling Read more

Training Day Business Training Day

The pool season is in high gear, and it’s more important than ever to provide top-notch customer service. Read more

Top Training Manual Tips Business Top Training Manual Tips

If you’ve been waiting to create a training manual, don’t put it off any longer, says Matt Gohlke, president of Gohlke Custom Pools in Denton, Texas. Read more

Industry Reacts to Acquisition Industry News Industry Reacts to Acquisition

Jacuzzi Group Worldwide announced the acquisition of ThermoSpas nearly a month ago, yet both hot tub manufacturers remain tightlipped about the deal. Read more

Schobel Leaves BioLab Industry News Schobel Leaves BioLab

After more than 36 years, longtime BioLab executive and APSP office holder Charlie Schobel has left the firm. Read more

Association Preps for Industry Summit Industry News Association Preps for Industry Summit

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is gearing up for its 2012 Industry Summit. Read more

Pool Companies Adjust to New Rules on Background Checks Industry News Pool Companies Adjust to New Rules on Background Checks

Just as the busy season started this year, pool firms had to adjust to new federal rules on criminal background checks for job candidates Read more

Major California Builder Closes Doors Industry News Major California Builder Closes Doors

One of the largest pool building companies in the San Diego area abruptly closed its doors in early June. Read more

PoolCorp Plans to Capitalize on Industry’s Rebound Industry News PoolCorp Plans to Capitalize on Industry’s Rebound

Revenue is on the rise at PoolCorp. Sales figures for the distribution giant often are seen as an indicator of the industry’s health overall Read more

Understanding SVRS Service/Technical Understanding SVRS

A safety vacuum release system (SVRS) is a system or a device that disables a pool pump’s suction ability so that a body or object trapped against the suction outlet is freed. Read more

The State of Salt Service/Technical The State of Salt

Get a group of pool servicepeople together in a room, and the subject of salt chlorination will come up sooner or later Read more

Proper Performance Service/Technical Proper Performance

Just because salt chlorination is largely an automated process doesn’t mean it is maintenance-free. Read more

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