May 27 2011 Table of Contents

Ante Up Schechner's Sports Stop Ante Up

Professional poker phenom Chris Moneymaker, who I’ve never met, is only a few days older than me. Read more

In the Zone Equipment In the Zone

Ozone can provide an effective supplementary disinfection system for swimming pools. Read more

UV Uses Equipment UV Uses

Ultraviolet (UV)-generated ozone is an affordable option that’s becoming more popular for residential applications. Read more

Not Your Average Hot Tub Delivery Spa Smart Not Your Average Hot Tub Delivery

No-fuss backyard deliveries are the bread and butter of most hot tub dealers. But every once in a while, an installation comes along that makes it into the memory books. Read more

Zig-Zag Editor's Note Zig-Zag

A new political campaign season is coming upon us, and small businesses need to let their voices be heard on the legislative level today, more then ever. Read more

Paying the Price Legal Issues Paying the Price

David Lionetti has made history. Read more

In Their Own Backyard Legal Issues In Their Own Backyard

Concerns regarding the David Lionetti plea go beyond the particulars of the case. Read more

Builders Confront Their Hire Power Industry News Builders Confront Their Hire Power

Management at Presidential Pools & Spas recently rehired a handful of employees who were let go when the company was forced to cut overhead. Read more

Southern Industry Recovers from Disasters Industry News Southern Industry Recovers from Disasters

Record-breaking tornadoes in the southeast United States have damaged a number of pool and spa businesses. Read more

Service Companies Diversify Offerings Industry News Service Companies Diversify Offerings

Pool service companies around the country are testing the waters in new niches, such as painting, plumbing and small household repairs. Read more

Akins Rebuilding After Fire Industry News Akins Rebuilding After Fire

Though a fire took out his facility, veteran pool builder Lew Akins quickly re-established his operation and is running at full speed. Read more

Pending Law to Impact Public Pools Industry News Pending Law to Impact Public Pools

Thousands of commercial pools and spas across Florida will be subject to new safety standards under a bill that awaits the governor’s signature. Read more

Renovation Revenue on the Rise Industry News Renovation Revenue on the Rise

Pool  renovation appears to be picking up in several major pool markets. Read more

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